Historic Mining Town

(Joy asks...)

On Sept. 13th, a help wanted ad was posted for a New Mexico historic mining town that was to be restored. I am very interested to learn more, however the only contact was an e_mail address that turned out to be undeliverable. Can the author be contacted by you through some means to repost with more accurate contact information?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

I wonder if there was maybe just an add glitch when you emailed. That should be a good email address.

You can find more information about Chloride, New Mexico, on the Pioneer Store Museum website. The website isn't just about the museum; I think it covers the entire historic mining town. You'll find a history of Chloride, maps, driving directions, and info about how the museum was transformed from a deserted store to a non-profit museum. You'll also find info there about other historic buildings in Chloride. If you like history, mines, and/or ghost towns, it looks like it would be a fascinating place to do some volunteer work.

Pioneer Store Museum website.

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