Helping from the Heart: An RVer's Story of Genuine Kindness Leading to Job Offer

Genuine helping from the heart lands an RVer on her way to Alaska an unexpected job offer (and free breakfast). It's an awesome little story, with lessons about kindness and character.

Helping from the Heart

by Heidi Schneider

As many of you know, we are traveling to Alaska. We decided to stop in Dawson Creek for the day and have breakfast out at a restaurant there.

The restaurant was packed with customers and only two waitresses handling the crowd. The waitresses were stressed trying to handle the huge crowd and were buzzing around like bumblebees. They asked us if we would mind waiting a bit to take our order.

By the time we finished with breakfast, one of the waitresses ends up quitting and leaving this young girl in just about tears trying to handle it all with customers complaining that they haven't gotten their order or wanted coffee or silverware.

So I say to the waitress, "Let me help you. I will bus the tables for you and you concentrate on the customers."

She said, "okay."

I take off my jacket and I start clearing all the tables, scraping the dishes, stacking them, wiping off the tables, etc.

While I'm doing this, out comes the cook with his hair net on, and he looks at me clean tables, and walks back in the kitchen. Then, out comes the cook helper, scratches his head, and goes back in the kitchen. Then comes the manager lady, and she was surprised to see all the tables in the whole restaurant cleared and wiped clean in 20 minutes.

She asked me if I wanted a job. My hubby said no, that we were just passing by on the way to Alaska on vacation and that I was just happy to help out.

They didn't want to charge us for our breakfast. I told them that my help came from the heart and we wanted to pay for our meal. But, she tore the ticket up anyway. So we gave the waitress the amount of what the bill was, as a tip. I felt good to have been able to have helped someone in need, and the relief in their faces that I was able to get them caught up was greatly my reward.

- - - - - -

Coleen, here, commenting:

Isn't Heidi's story awesome? It's a perfect example of being kind and doing something extra just for the sake of doing it, and receiving something completely unexpected in the process. She wasn't there looking for work, but when you show your personality and "what you are made of," job offers come up in unexpected places.

Heidi's "helping from the heart" act of kindness showed the manager several things. She was able and efficient at doing restaurant work. She would pitch in and do what was needed to be done without being asked. She was thoughtful and considerate, and a team player. Instead of a growling, complaining attitude, she took things in stride, and made the situation better. And, she wasn't greedy. By being her kind, sweet self, Heidi demonstrated the characteristics employers want to see.

When I asked Heidi if I could share her story with you, this was her response: "Yes, Coleen, you are more than welcome. I do have to say that the people of Canada are very gracious and so nice. Their road system is superb. I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I felt so bad for the poor waitress and manager of the restaurant that it came from my heart to say I have to help these people."

This is not a new article on our website, but helping from the heart never goes out of style.

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