Health Insurance

- Linda Smith
(Golden, CO, USA)

Does anyone have any ideas regarding getting health insurance for RV workampers? I am 57 and my husband is 53?

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I Have a Heatlh Care Solution

I currently am a member and IBO of Ameriplan USA.

I am also an RVer and know this issue is a great concern for many who want to go fulltime.

Also Wondering About Health Ins While RVing

What do you guys do for health insurance? I am a teacher in the 9-12 age groups and the thought of living the RV life is getting stronger all the time. I can't retire just yet but am getting closer.

Curious About Heatlh Ins While RVing

As full timers at your age, what do you do for health insurance, etc. I'm 53 and like what I see at campgrounds, RV sites. But we all need health insurance for those gettin' older events.

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