Happy Work Camper

(Tom Chaffee)

Work Camper Tom's Aliner

Work Camper Tom's Aliner

Pigeon Forge, TN. Yep that's right, I applied to your add for Dollywood and will be working there for the summer. They offered the position within a day and half from me emailing the app. Looking forward to the adventure. My old friend Barb B. up in OH referred me to your site. I will most likely be looking to go south in October, as my little Aliner camper is not designed for winter.

I will probably be helping the folks at Creekside RV Park in Pigeon Forge update their photos and maybe add video to their website too. Theirs was the best website out of a list of parks I was provided and that is the main reason I will be staying there. I make many decisions based on the information provided on their website.

Keep up the great work, Coleen, and I will be watching for more opportunities.

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