Handyman Jobs: Handyworkers Do Miscellaneous and Odd Jobs

Handyman jobs mean different things to different people. For some it means everything from electrical work, to carpentry work, to minor renovation, to plumbing, appliance repair, vehicle repair, and other jobs that require some knowledge, skill, or expertise. Others see handyman work as things that they cannot do themselves, or do not want to do themselves.

Handyman Jobs

In my current situation, a property owner I am helping is capable of doing most all the things he pays me to do. He has decided he either doesn’t want to do these jobs or doesn’t have time to do these jobs. I am happy to be paid to deal with a lot of odd jobs and little things that need to be done for his life to run a little smother and more organized.

Things like...
•    moving furniture
•    washing a car or RV
•    changing light bulbs
•    washing windows,
•    setting and empting mouse traps
•    applying weed spray
•    putting up Christmas lights and decorations
•    hauling trash
•    lawn mowing
•    taking down seasonal decorations
•    cleaning the roof of an RV
•    applying insecticide to ant hills
•    raking leaves or pine needles
•    cleaning light fixtures
•    hanging pictures
•    pruning trees
•    vacuuming out a vehicle
•    hauling things to storage
•    anything that requires being up on a ladder

Sometimes, being a handyman can mean organizing and seeing that things get done, but not actually doing the work. This may mean finding a qualified worker, or supervising a worker or workers to get the job done, and see that it is done properly. Having a trusted representative present while workers are on the job, to observe and be a liaison, may be all that is required. Planning, motivation, and organizational skills may be more useful here than the skill to actually do the work.

Being a handyman or handywoman can be different things to different people. The important thing is that the employer and the employee are on the same page as to skills, responsibilities, and desired outcome.


Coleen, the Workers On Wheels editor, comments: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote this article about working as a handyman. He has done numerous handyman jobs over the years, ranging from basic to those requiring his special skills. Although Bob mentions "employer" and "employee," many handyman jobs are done by independent contractors who have a handyman service. Property caretakers and handymen have much in common, and the terms sometimes are used interchangeably. Campground owners and other business owners, as well as private individuals, often have miscellaneous work and odd jobs they need to have done. Traveling RVers may find that being a mobile handyman or property caretaker is very lucrative.

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