(Shirley from TX asks...)

I have a Texas cosmetology license. Would it be possible to perform hair services - cuts, washes, styles, perms, coloring, etc. - as we travel? Would I need to get a license to work in each state?


Cosmetology School and Licensing

Hi Shirley,

The licensing rules and regulations for practicing cosmetology vary among the states. This is true for hair styling, nail technology, esthetics, barbering, and electrology. Some states have regulations, including registration, for skin care and hair braiding, as well.

Many states do have reciprocity. With reciprocity, one state acknowledges your training, testing, licensing, and experience from another state. The schooling requirements usually have to be at least as stringent in the state with your current license as they are in the new state you'd like to work.

When looking for information on this, I found that some states specify information for home salons and mobile salons.

For specifics about a particular state, check with the licensing agency for that state.


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