Graphic Arts Finishing Business

- Chuck F.
(Fulltime RVing and Working Outside of the Resort)

I need to work in the field of work I am presently working in now, the graphic arts finishing business, which is die cutting, cutting, gluing, folding, foil stamping, and embossing of printed material. I would like to commute a fairly short distance to work within a half hour from the camp resort each day. I have been in my business as a minority shareholder, machine operator, and management as a foreman, for 30 years. I just don't know how or where to look to satisfy my situation.

My wife and I are considering fulltime RVing for the first time. We have a 33 ft. travel trailer for transient camping now, but will upgrade to a higher end model for fulltime living. We want to go to an all year round place with warm climate.

My wife would also like to work at the campground.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

You've been in the business for 30 years, so you must have some contacts. Now is the time to call on them. Increase the networking that you do with your co-workers, suppliers, and folks in related businesses. Do that in person, and maybe with some online social media besides.

Read your industry trade magazines and look for leads there. If you have an industry association, get involved, or at least check to see what they offer. Do a web search for "graphic arts finishing jobs," and you'll come up with names of companies and website addresses that may be helpful.

What kind of businesses hire graphic arts finishers? Are those businesses congregated more in one part of the country than another?

Normally, I think it is best for full-time RVers to go to the general area where they want to spend time, and then to look for work after they get there. However, if you must work in your current field, it may make more sense for you to at least have some job leads in an area before going there. Then, again, perhaps your business isn't as specialized as I'm imaging it to be.

As for your wife working in the campground, I'd cross that bridge later. Since you are looking for a very specific job, I'd think you would want to find your position first.

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