A Good Working Camper: A Campground Owner's View

A good working camper does some things and avoids doing others. Here's a campground owner who tells it like it is, with very specific things that campground workers should not do.

A Good Working Camper Shows Respect

Good working campers are a blessing to a campground. Communication and respect are very important. The points below come from a campground owner. She writes, "I am a campground owner that has hired working campers. I see a need to be very specific in your requirements as an employer and as an employee in order to make this work. We have had gems as workers and extremely poor ones, as well."

Some things that caused problems are the following:

1. Working camper's non loyalty to their employer, complaining to customers, gossiping about other camper customers, and not acting in a professional manner. This is a "fire you right now" situation.

2. Working camper not following the work requirement guideline, and instead trying to take over or taking on duties that they were not asked to do. 

3. Working camper disappearing when physical work is required.

4. Working camper partying with customers. 

5. Working camper not giving reasonable notice when they want to take days off.

6. Working campers not informing manager when they break equipment.

7. Working camper taking things without paying for them, without approval. We give perks like ice and wood to our working campers, but some assume everything is free for their taking.

8. Working camper not willing to make a contract commitment and showing no responsibility or regard for the business.

When RVers work at campgrounds, is a two-way street. It requires mutual respect on the part of the RVer and the park owner. Not every campground owner has the same values or work rules, of course. For example, some park owners may appreciate that you do more than your assigned duties. But, these are basic complaints from the employer's perspective, and they come to you directly from a campground owner. Avoid doing the things listed above, and you'll greatly increase your chances of being recognized as a good working camper.

Read more about working at campgrounds.

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