Good Temp Agencies

- Kathryn Marge

I would love to start working seasonal and/or temp. jobs. Can you give me contact information for any temp. agencies you feel are good ones?

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Temporary Staffing Firms

Temporary staffing services are great resources for RVers. I'm glad to hear you are considering tapping into what they can offer.

I've heard good things about Labor Finders, Kelly Services, and ManPower Inc.

Bob worked for a landscaping contractor in southern Alabama who hired through Labor Finders. Employees registered and filled out the required paperwork. After that, it was a matter of showing up on the days you wanted to work.

I did a short assignment for one temp service when we were in South Dakota. By short, I mean the job lasted for only a couple of hours and was finished. They needed someone to go to the courthouse and research something, then report on the findings. It was a long time ago, and unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the firm.

Web Addresses of Temp Firms

Sorry, I forgot to give you the contact information. Here are the website addresses for the three mentioned above:

Labor Finders -

Kelly Services -

ManPower, Inc. -

Okay, RVers, what temp services have you used and liked?

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