A Good Flea Market Guide Tells You More Than the Market’s Name and Location

A good flea market guide is essential for flea market vendors. It gives you names, locations, dates, times, and contact information. A good directory also gives you extra details about the markets.

You should be able to use the guide to find out what kinds of things sell at a particular market. Do most of the vendors sell new merchandise? Or, used? Are there arts and crafts dealers? Is it mostly high priced antiques? What about fresh produce? Are food concessions welcome?

How big are the spaces? What do they cost? Does the market have tables available? Are they included with booth rent or do they cost extra? Is there electricity nearby? A good flea market guide tells you these things.

How many booths are available? Are they inside, outside, or under cover? Can you put up your own canopy? Do you need reservations? If so, when and how can you make them?

What extras does the market offer? Do they have special activities or attractions?

What about parking? Can you park your RV by your booth? Your toad? Your merchandise trailer? The best flea market directories give you this kind of information.

Does the market allow overnight camping? Do they allow you to stay in your RV, near your selling space? Do they have an RV park? Do they have showers, a café, or other amenities for campers?

Is there an admission fee for customers and browsers? How much? How many people do they expect each day? Is the flea market open rain or shine?

Most list the markets by states, in alphabetical order.

Good flea market guides have free listings to encourage the largest number of listings. They also have paid listings so that those who want a complete listing with lots of information can have a complete ad.

I like The Original Clark’s Flea Market U.S.A., a National Directory of Flea Markets & Swap Meets directory best. It is the most complete directory that I’ve found. That said, it is very difficult to keep a flea market guide up to date, and Clark's struggles to that end. The newest edition I can find is the 94th edition, published in 2016. If you purchase it through this affiliate link on Amazon.com, we do earn a commission.

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