GoldBottom Mines

- Joan Dale
(Dawson City, Yukon, Canada)

GoldBottom Mines takes you first hand into the Klondike Gold Rush. On the guided tours, you learn about gold mining and about goldfield history. You get to pan for gold and keep (or sell) what you find!


During the summer of 2006 we went to workcamp for David Millar at GoldBottom Mine Tours and Gold Panning in Dawson City. This was a great move for us. The Millar family -- David, his sister Deborah, his mother Rhona, and aunt Marshallene -- absorbed us into their family right from day one.

I was a tour guide, tour sales person, and cabin keeper.

My husband, Victor, was a "Jack of all trades" at the mine site. He ran the mining equipment, kept it running. and did general maintenance.

We stayed at the mine site for the first month of our stay and then moved our rig to an RV Park on the outskirts of Dawson City, as our rig was not happy with the water and electric situation at the mine site. David gave us extra hours to cover the expense of the RV park.

Yes, we were getting an hourly wage. Plus, on many occasions, the family wined and dined us. They included us in all family celebrations from Deborah's birthday party to the triplets' birthday party. (Yes, triplets, Justin, Andrea and Rachel, who all turned 14 while we were there.)

We learned the history of the gold rush days; the history of the road house that is now owned by the Millar family; how to stake a gold claim, etc. We learned the history of the area and met many incredible people from all over the world.

One of the most colorful people was 93 year old Newton Webster. On my days to work at the sales booth in town, he would role up on his electric scooter and fill me in on the history of the town and the surrounding area. Plus, he would bring me fresh fruit and veggies that grew in the area.

My husband and I would love to spend another summer at GoldBottom Mines, but if we don't we will treasure the time that the Millar family afforded us in 2006.

GoldBottom Mine Tours and Gold Panning
Box 912
Dawson City, Yukon, Canada, Y0B 1G0
Telephone: (867) 993-5023
Fax: (867) 993-6715

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