Ghost Town Hunter

- William F. Boehm
(Sonoma, CA., U.S.A.)

Ghost Towns and the Old West

Ghost Towns and the Old West

Who do I contact to submit photographs and stories of the old West, (towns and history) which I have visited throughout the United States in the past five years in my RV?

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Monetizing Ghost Town Photos and Old West Stories

Here are 15 suggestions for selling your ghost town and old west photos and stories, as well as a few other ideas for making money with them:

1. Magazines about ghost towns and the old west. Since you are interested in the topic, you probably are already familiar with them.

2. Visitor and convention bureaus in states with ghost towns.

3. Create a website business with your photos and stories. This would be perfect for using SBI!'s web business model of Content-Traffic,-Presell-Monitize. For more on this, click here.

4. Have your photographs made into post cards, calendars, posters, or prints and sell them online, at craft shows, at historical shows.

5. Get them printed as posters, calendars, post cards, greeting cards, or prints and wholesale them to gift shops.

6. Authors who write about ghost towns may need photos. Search book lists to find authors or advertise your photo service.

7. The tourism departments in states with ghost towns.

8. Video companies.

9. Advertising companies working in the west.

10. Put up a website and sell them to individuals and companies who buy stock photos.

11. Self publish a book with your old west stories and photographs.

12. Travel magazines, both print and on-line.

13. Sell your photographs of ghost towns to companies that make post cards.

14. Put together a slide show type presentation that you can give across the country as you travel.

15. Google "who buys old west photos" or "sell photos" and you will come up with a list of buyers.

More On Writing for Profit

Take a look at the Writing for Profit section for more ideas.

Ghost Town Calendars

Please, someone publish a calendar with pictures of western ghost town scenes. There have been none available in 2009 and seem to be none for 2010.

More Ideas for Ghost Town Pix and Stories

1. Contact historical and genealogical societies and offer a program. They may not pay, but you could bring your photos, stories, postcards, calendars for members to buy.

2. Check out They are particular about what they post, but you can post for free and others may choose to buy your photo.

3. Convert your stories to audio for mpg and tape players, then sell to gift shops, truck stops, and tourist attractions.

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