GA: Need Caretaker Second Home

- Creekwalker Films, Atlanta, Georgia
(Property Caretaker Presense for Rural, Private Home)

GA: Creekwalker Films, Atlanta, Georgia. Need caretaker for private rural second home compound. We are not a business, nor do we host unaccompanied guests/visitors. Alternate our time between primary/secondary homes. Our most urgent need is to have an observant, security-minded presence. Honesty, reliability, compatibility with rural location, affinity/appreciation/understanding of this sort of property.

Remote, private. Wildlife sanctuary designation, old growth woodland vistas, fenced veg garden plots, multiple picnic grill areas, beauty, peace, solitude, remote, low-key, unique, private, many outstanding features. Bike distance to two state parks, several nearby attractions, two rivers. Middle Georgia.

Length of stay is flexible. Free site. Compensation commiserate with level of services agreed upon. Background check will be required.

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This is a Workers On Wheels "Help Wanted" ad. This HW ad -- RV park work, campground job, or other employment or volunteer position for working campers and RVers -- is posted at the request of the person, business, or organization that is hiring. Creekwalker Films, Atlanta, Georgia.


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