Form for Working Camper Employers

- Jim
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Work Campers with Good Ideas!

Work Campers with Good Ideas!

Wouldn't it be a good idea to develop a form for work camper employers to fill out that would spell out the exact requirements for each workamper? The form would have "blocks" to fill in such as number of hours required for each person, site size, inclusions such as water, electric, sewer, wi-fi, telephone, internet, pay etc., and these could just be checked or an allowance amount filled in.

You probably know better than anyone what questions would be needed.

An additional space for remarks could also be included for the employer to comment on their facility or any other item they feel is important.

It seems this would simplify the process for both parties and may eliminate many misunderstandings.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Jim,

Excellent idea!

It could replace Help Wanted ads that are too short to really explain the position offers

Before I do this, I'm going to open it up to our readers for a few more suggestions.

What information would you like to see on the form?

Post you comments below.

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Comments for Form for Working Camper Employers

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Standardized Employer Ads

This is an excellent idea. Standardizing the employer ads would lead to less confusion for all. For instance, does "20 hrs per couple for FHU site" mean 20 hours for each person, or 20 hrs only for the site? Does "FHU site" include all electric use, or is that extra?

Why not develop a standardized form that you could put out there on the website for both work campers and employers to comment on? Items that could be included:

Park location
# of sites
# of cabins (sleeping cabins or fully-equipped)
30/50 amp at site?
Pets OK?
Cable TV/Sat TV/Antenna TV
How many work campers are used/
Are work campers grouped together?
Total hrs required for FHU site
Any extra hrs for pay?
Total hrs expected each week
Same shifts for couples?
Consecutive days off?
Any standby required?
Season length
Work camper site location
Can work campers get mail at park? Free/discounted laundry?
Free/discounted propane?
Specific duties
Distance to shopping
Employee vs independent contactor
Written agreement?

These are questions we ask, and not all need to be on an employer's ad. Use what you think may be useful.

Form for Work Camper Employers

This is a great idea! It would definitely save both the employer and potential employee time. The employer would have fewer applications but those they would receive would be more appropriate for the type of work involved. The potential employee would not need to waste time emailing or calling potential employers to find out the answers to questions.

Some things you might want to add to the form:

Length of time required and dates needed
Is this a seasonal job from May-October or can it be for just a few weeks?
Must we commit for the entire season or can we leave earlier, arrive a bit later?

If a couple is applying must both work or if one is disabled or is involved in other outside work can only one member work and if so does that change the number of hours required?

Are pets allowed? Are children allowed?

Are there regular days off or do they vary? Some may need to know specific days off to schedule doctor's appointments.

I am sure there are other things but right now that is all I can think of. Hope this helps.

Suggestion and Advice

I'm new at this and maybe it's already on the form or has been suggested, however, it would be nice if the employer would state how long the job is, ie. 1 yr; summer only, etc.

We are fairly new to RVing (sev. years) and we have discussed the possibility of working part of the time that we're traveling. It would be great hearing from those who have experience with this and how it's working out.

Workamper Vehicle Type

I'd like potential employers to state EXACTLY what they will and will not allow as far as workamper vehicles/trailers. I'm sick of the nonsense about, "send us pics of you and your rig."

My Chevy stands 7'6" to the top of the roof and has 11" of lift. Right away that's a problem for some people (and not just because of clearance issues).

My trailer is a 12 foot v-nose converted cargo trailer. It is self contained (on board toilet, sink & shower), but because it is not a standard RV, it is also a problem for some people. Never mind that it's full of tools, equipment, and a driver with multiple/varied skills who actually LIKES to work.

Canadian Jobs

Could you please try and gather Canadian jobs, also?

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