Fly Patterns of Alaska -- Alaska Fly Fishers: Fly Tying Patterns

Fly Patterns of Alaska -- Alaska Fly Fishers is a helpful resource. You've read about tying fishing flies to earn some extra money. Maybe you've even taken a fly tying class. Or, you've watched some instructional fly tying videos. You have the general idea of how to tie flies, but you don't know the patterns. This book gives you the pattern and a color photo of the finished fly.

Fly Patterns of Alaska -- Alaska Fly Fishers Book

Fly Patterns of Alaska is colorful book was put together by the Alaska Flyfishers club. The club was formed in 1973 by likeminded, local fishermen, “to improve and increase the sport of fly fishing in Alaska.” The club, in addition to its regular meetings and newsletter, is politically active in forming rules and regulations beneficial to the protection of the many species of fish in Alaska’s numerous rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds, and streams.

Fly Patterns of Alaska is full of pictures. It has pictures of the vividly colored finished flies. Interspersed within them, are pictures of the grandeur of the great state of Alaska.

It was originally published in 1983 with 129 fly patterns. This edition has 251 patterns. All of them are tried and true fly patterns for fishing Alaskan waters. 

Each fly pattern is accompanied by a clear and vivid picture of the finished fly. There is also a materials list. Commentary includes what species the fly is used for, how the fly is generally fished, areas it is especially good in, and comments by the contributor of the pattern.

In Alaska the fish are big, requiring big flies. Although this book doesn’t teach the basics of fly tying, the patterns generally are tied on larger hooks. Tying on large hooks can be easier for novices, those with larger fingers, or those with a touch of arthritis.

Many of the patterns are known as attracters. Subtle differences, or material substitutions, are acceptable and don’t affect the usefulness of the fly.

This useful book gives the serious fisherman a compilation of fly patterns for plying the waters of Alaska. It includes notes and information on their presentation. If you want to tie flies to sell to earn money, it provides patterns for flies that fisherman want to buy. Additionally, for the casual reader, who may not be ready to go into the fly tying business, it gives a visual look into the art of fly tying and fishing in Alaska.

I read many books, and usually pass them onto others after I've read them. However, Fly Patterns of Alaska is a good reference book that I am keeping.

Fly Patterns of Alaska
Alaska Fly Fishers
Revised and Enlarged Edition
Editor Dirk V. Derksen
Fly Photographer Michael D. Scarbrough
Copyright 1993 Alaska Flyfishers, Anchorage Alaska


Coleen's comments: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote this book review. He ties flies and sells them. I've seen him reference his Fly Patterns of Alaska book over and over again. If you are interested in making some money by tying and selling flies, you'll want to read Bob's article on this Workers On Wheels website, Tying Fishing Flies: Fun, Profitable, and the Right Fit for an RV.

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