Fly Fishing

(a traveling Ronny G. asks...)

I would like to write about fly fishing spots in the different states. Is there a place for these kind of articles, somewhere to get my stories about fly fishing published? Thank you.

Hi Ronny,

Next time you are in a grocery store, discount store, or sporting goods store with a magazine rack, look at the outdoor sports and fishing magazines. Or, head to your nearest book store, or even the library. Leaf through a few of those magazines, and you'll get an idea of what kinds of articles they print. You could also do an online search for "fishing magazines" and that will give you a list of magazine titles and corresponding websites.

Some are specific to fly fishing, such as Fly Rod & Reel, Fly Fisherman, and Fly Tyer. Others may focus more on trout, bass, or another particular fish. Also, look at the more general outdoor magazines, too, such as Fur, Fish, and Game, Field & Stream, and Outdoor Life.

Besides those subscription magazines, you might write for fishing clubs, fishing stores, tackle shops, or a fishing equipment manufacturer. They use articles on their websites, in the magazines and newsletters for their members, and in promotional materials.

Or, look at it geographically. Pitch your articles to state or regional publications. You might even interest a state or community tourism board with your articles. They may think it is great to know where you've had a successful day angling.

Another option is to start a your own website where you post articles about your fly fishing experiences. Along with information about your fishing spots, you could write about flies, your favorite outdoor gear, or even add your favorite fish recipes.

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