Florida Residency

- Michele & Chuck
(Aurora, CO)

My husband and I are getting ready to hit the road full-time and we are torn between South Dakota and Florida for residency.

It looks like Florida requires you to physically reside in the state for six months before you can get a driver's license. Is that true?

Does the state accept mail forwarding addresses?

How expensive is the auto insurance in Florida?

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FL Drivers License Info

Hi Michele and Chuck,

You can find a copy of the Florida Driving Handbook on the Florida DHSMV website. The URL for that is http://www.flhsmv.gov/handbooks.

Full Time Florida Residents

When I retired, I moved from NJ to Fla. Within three days I had my Fl. drivers license, and still do after nine years.

In 2006 we became full time RV'ers using our Fla. D/L thru out North America and Mexico.

We currently have our mailing address with a mail forwarding service and renew our license and registration on line.

I believe the six month rule that you point out is the requirement that if you plan to live in the state for more than six months, you must get a Fla. D/L.

We just renewed our tags for 2010 and the cost was $85.00.

Our auto and motorhome coverage runs about $3,000.00 per year for high coverage since it is our home. Of course this cost changes depending on the zip code you intend to live in for receiving of your mail.

Another benefit of Florida residency is that it is a homestead state and does not have state income tax.

Auto Ins FL

A 600 to 800 dollar penalty is added to your insurance policy if you are 60 or older, by state law.

[Editor's note: Tom, could you provide more information on this? I did an online search and came up with nothing to confirm this. I also checked with some Florida residents and they didn't know anything about it? Is this something new?]

Florida Residents

We retired from NH and we had our FL license within two weeks.

However, now you will need a passport, two bills showing your address, and your SS card. If you do not have a passport you will need your birth cert., SS card, marriage license, and as a women if you have been divorced that paper works also. It is not because of Florida, it is all because of Homeland Security. The cost is now up to $31.50.

Florida insurance is expensive compared to our old New Hampshire insurance.

We use a mailing service in Green Cove Springs, Florida, called St. Brenden. They are great.

Florida Insurance

I had to pay $650.00 for 6 months coverage just for my pickup and this was the least coverage I could get.

FL Insurance

Florida vehicle insurance is expensive due to the no-fault coverage required (also know as PIP). Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is medical insurance coverage on you and others in your vehicle.

Florida also requires a person to become a resident if you live there 6 months or more out of the year or have a job or place children in a Florida school.

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