FL: Christmas Tree Lot Manager - Pay

Hayes Farms, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(2018 Christmas Tree Lot Managers Needed in Florida)

FL: Hayes Farms, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Hello, This is a seasonal opportunity to manage a Christmas Tree lot in South Florida. The position will run from Mid Nov - Dec 22nd, 2018.

Applicants will need to be experienced in management of retail sales. A STRONG work ethic and good customer skills are an absolute must. Experience in any facet of the Christmas tree industry is also a plus. This is a 7 day a week job with 12-14 hour requirements.

Pay includes a base salary as well as multiple bonus incentives determined by performance--because a dedicated performance in this position is highly dependent upon the manager's ability to work efficiently and effectively for up to 14 hours a day.

Applicants will need to pass a drug test and provide information for a background check. Applicants with positive attitudes only please. This is a great opportunity to get some warm weather and make great money. Water and Electric provided.

Please feel free to call or email jeremy@hayes-farms.com for more information. If you have a resume, please email as well. 954-275-8895 Jeremy@Runwaygrowers.com http://www.hayes-farms.com

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This HW ad looking for working campers for Christmas tree lot managers in Florida is posted at the request of the person or business that is hiring. Hayes Farms, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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