Fitness Work

- Joyce asks
(New Jersey)

I am a certified yoga, Pilates, and ZUMBA instructor. Is there work out there for fulltime RVers teaching fitness, workout, dance, or exercise classes? Do campgrounds need fitness instructors? Thanks.


Coleen replies:

The larger destination RV parks have extensive activity programs, as do some of the smaller parks. They do hire fitness instructors. Sometimes they pay an hourly wage. Other times, they barter an RV site in exchange for the classes. When looking for such a park that already has a fitness program, look for those that advertise that they have a spa, exercise facilities, or on-site gym.

Another option for you to consider is community adult education programs. They are often sponsored by the local high school, college, or county extension service. They have classes on all sorts of topics, including fitness. The classes in these programs typically meet once or twice a week for several weeks to several months.

You might also put together a workshop that you could present in one or two sessions. Campgrounds that don't have a full-time fitness program may be open to having some special activities.

I wasn't familiar with Zumba, so I Googled it to find out a little about it. It sounds like it would be a fun thing that would go over well at resorts. While I may be the only one who hadn't heard of that particular kind of fitness dance program with Latin rhythms, my guess is that many others haven't either. It could be that campground owners would welcome it as something new to offer their guests -- if you educated them about what it is and why it is beneficial.


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