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Question: Were any of the volunteers senior females and what type of work did they do?

Coleen's answer: We visited the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum in Biloxi, Mississippi, when they were demonstrating how to use cast nets. I don't remember if it was a museum employee, guest presenter, or a volunteer leading the presentation. The presentation was being given to a group of children, I believe those participating in their Sea and Sail Adventure Camp program. The program includes a variety of other fishing and seafood catching related activities, as well. While touring the museum, we were allowed to watch from the sidelines.


Brenda's question comes in response to a worker profile where the RVer did some fishing. Readers, if you know of some specific places that need senior volunteers to fish, or work with fish, go ahead and give the information here.

Many campgrounds are on fishing lakes. Others are on rivers or the ocean. Free use of the boats is often one of the perks for work camping at them. For those campgrounds that don't have boat rentals, they likely have fishing docks or piers, or it may work to fish from shore.

Some of the parks that don't have fishing on their premises do note that they are close to fishing opportunities.

You may find some state and federal parks have fishing programs. Typically, these enable children or people with special needs to have a chance to fish. Volunteers at these projects may teach about the fish, fishing, and even how to prepare and cook the fish. They also get involved with actually fishing, helping those who are participating in the program.

Another option you might consider is volunteering at a fish hatchery.

Oh, and I almost forgot, look for positions as marinas, fishing lodges, and fishing resorts.


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