Finding Working Camper Spot

- Jim
(Newton Ks.)

I am 46 and my wife will be going into travel nursing sometime next summer or fall. We have a few things we need to get done before then. I have worked in maintenance, mechaniced, and had my own small engine repair shop. I am wondering about being able to find a work camper spot for me and how I come to find out what is out there when we know where we are going.

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Pre Job Campground Search

Look through the pages of job listings on our site to get some idea of what is out there.

When you know where you are going, do a bit of research on RV parks in that area. Use a campground guide, the state's campground association, the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds' website (, and/or an online search for the campgrounds in the town where your wife will be working.

Some folks like to have work camper spot set up before they get where they are going. If you fall into that group, contact some of those parks you found when doing the above research. Tell them your situation -- that your wife will be working at such and such a hospital between whatever dates, and that you are looking for a campground where the two of you can stay for the duration of her assignment and where you can work on site. Discuss your skills and what you are willing to do for how much, along with their needs and what they are willing to offer.

I think it is better to go to the area before making a campground commitment. My suggestion would be to check into one of those campgrounds you found while researching. Stay for a couple days as a paying guest. Look around the area to see what else is there. Get acquainted with the community to see where you'd like to stay that would also be convenient for your wife to get to her job. By then you should have some idea if you'd like to stay at that park or move. If you want to stay and be a work camper there, then have that discussion with the owner. If you don't think it would be the spot for you, you are then free to move to another park.

Your skills are highly valuable. Most every campground needs people who can keep things working and who can fix those things that aren't.

When you speak with the campground owner, position your wife's job as a positive thing for them. Let them know you have a commitment to be in the area that whole time.

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