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I'm very interested in finding us possible work camping situations. How do you find parks that offer this type of work? I would love to find even something that just covers our lot rent and hookups so that we can just have our current income for ourselves. Of course, I wouldn't sneeze at opportunities that include some sort of pay either.

My name is Tracy. My family and I are new to full timing but have completely committed to it. We left Maine and are currently at a park in Georgia. It's a total life change but we are enjoying it. This is our dream. We have wanted to become full-timers for years now. When life situations led us to need a change, we looked at it as an opportunity to follow the path that we have so long dreamed of following.

We are currently living on a very small, fixed income. If anyone can give me some advice on how to supplement this, or to find work camp opportunities that cover our rent and hookups, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Ask To Find Work Camping Jobs

Hi Tracy,

You have already completed major steps to finding a campground where you can work. You have traveled to an area where you want to spend time, and you are already at a campground.

You see the people working at the campground where you are staying? I bet at least some of them are living there at the park. They may be working in exchange for a site and hook-ups. They may be getting paid for all of the hours they work and then turning around and paying for their site. Or, it may be a combination of both.

Of course, not all campground employees live on the premises. But, many do.

When you see the people who are working the check-in desk, cleaning the shower house, mowing the lawn, leading the craft classes, or otherwise doing things around the park, just ask them if they also are staying in the campground. If they are, you'll know you've found a park that offers jobs to RVers. When you are visiting with them, you can also ask them where they came from, what park they worked at last, and where they plan to go when they finish this job.

You can also just ask the campground owner. He may have an immediate opening, have one coming up soon, or maybe next season. If he isn't using work campers, you can always tell him what you have in mind. He may be interested in hiring you!

Finding a work camping job comes down to finding a park where you want to spend time, and then asking.

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