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(Finding Jobs that Match Your Interests)

Match Your Interests to the Job

Match Your Interests to the Job

What would be the best way to apply for employment that I would enjoy? I am looking for a workkamping position in Texas for each winter from October to about the end of April. I have been working as a bookkeeper, customer service in the medical field, and in a business atmosphere. I am single, and looking for a position at a campground. I am very interested in history.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Frame your interests and what you enjoy as assets. When writing your ad and resume, don't just list what you want and enjoy. Instead, show prospective employers how those interests would benefit them. For instance, you might suggest that your interest in history would make you an ideal candidate for a park's interpretive program. You might point out that while you are willing to do whatever needs doing, you would have a special enthusiasm for giving tours and sharing the park's history with its guests.

Post a Work Wanted ad or your resume on our Workers On Wheels website. State your interest in history, as that is relevant for jobs at museums, re-enactment parks, and some campgrounds. Some RVers use formal resumes, while others choose a casual approach. I recommend using what best reflects your personality, especially where enjoyment is an important part of work for you.

Read the Help Wanted ads on our site. Read the profiles of employers who are hiring and of organizations looking for volunteers.

Make direct contact with campgrounds, businesses, and organizations that interest you. You might do this ahead of time. I think it is best to go where you want to work and check out the place in person, and then ask for work. Choose facilities in areas of the country that are rich in the kind of history that interests you.

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Choose an RV Park Near a Museum

Our RV park is located right across the street from the Historical Museum of Ash Fork (Route 66 Museum), with tons of history concerning the area. We are always looking for good help to trade for RV spots.

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