Find Work Around the Campground

Find work on your own. Need some jobs? In a campground, look for projects that need doing. See a fence that needs work? Picnic tables that need painting? A drainage ditch that needs clearing? A shed that needs a new roof? A door that needs rehanging? A canopy that needs building?

Take the Initiative to Find Jobs at the Campground

Talk to the owner or manager about it. Explain why you think it needs doing, whether it is a safety concern; an improvement that will make for ease of maintenance and less upkeep in the future; or an improvement or upgrade to the park. Let him know that you are willing to do the job. Let him know about any special talents or skills that will make you a desirable candidate for the project. 

Materials to Build a CarportA Carport Needs Building - The Materials Are Here

When visiting with the owner about the project, let him know you’re not looking for a full time, or even part time, job. Make it clear that you are willing to do the one project. Offer to do the project for a fixed price, not hourly, so he knows what it will cost up front. Have a good material list if there are things needed for the project. Have, or buy, the proper tools for the job; don’t expect the park to provide them. Talk about how long the project will take, and how disruptions to the everyday operation of the park will be handled. Many campground owners appreciate someone who can do a job, by himself, with no supervision -- and do it right.

Tools for the JobCarry Some Basic Work Tools with You in the RV

You can use this same strategy with residents of the park. If you see something on or about someone’s trailer, tow vehicle, motorhome, or site that you think needs doing, strike up a conversation about it. Talk, but also listen. Steer the conversation toward the job you had in mind. At the appropriate time offer your help. Maybe it’s a job that he will do himself. Maybe it’s a job he doesn't think needs doing. Maybe it’s a job he needs help with, but didn’t have anyone to do it, until you showed up and offered.

After people see you doing little projects for others, they will approach you while you are working. They'll soon be asking if you can do things for them. If you do good work, and charge fair rates, you’ll build up a good reputation in the park.

Solar Panel on MotorhomeOther RVers in Park May Need Someome to Install Their Solar Panels

I knew a working RVer who was employed by an RV park. Things slowed down and he was laid off. But, he was able to earn a living doing one-time projects. Although the park couldn't afford to keep him on the payroll, they were happy to hire him to do specific jobs. Park residents had enough work to keep him busy the rest of the time. He ended up making more money than he had been as a full-time park employee. He also had more control over his work, choosing what he did and when he worked,

With a few tools, some ingenuity, and a willingness to work, you can usually find your own work at campgrounds.


Coleen's comments: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote this article about finding work around the campground. He prefers to find work on his own rather than to punch a time clock as an employee.  

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