Find a Job by Having Coffee and Breakfast at the Local Cafe (Part 2 - continued)

How to find a job by going to the cafe - part 2. More examples of employment offers, along with specific tips for finding work when you are new in town and don't know where to look for employment.

More Examples of Job Offers

Finding a job can come at unexpected times. Bob and I lingered over a third cup of coffee. We were discussing the possibility of buying another travel trailer. One of the men at the local cafe jumped in on the conversation and added that a friend of his had an Airstream for sale.
When we went to look at the trailer, we visited with the owner, who it turns out, is in the process of building a new home. He was lamenting how he had been looking for someone to help with preparing the site -- cutting trees and clearing brush -- and hadn’t been able to find anyone. He said he couldn’t pay someone top dollar to do it, but it would be more than minimum wage.

When we first arrived, Bob was approached and asked if he was looking for work. The man’s brother needed a mechanic throughout the peanut harvest season. I assume he thought Bob could do mechanic work because he was dressed in work clothes.

Another day, the discussion centered on the local carpenter’s need for someone to help set up concrete forms. One of the men was telling the others that one of them should go get a job with the local carpenter, who was over at the church putting in new sidewalks. He was concerned because the carpenter was suppose to be out doing some work for him, but was behind because he was short handed.

All of these job possibilities were in October and November, in southern Oklahoma. The time and place would have coordinated beautifully with the typical migrating RVer’s schedule.

Tips on How to Find a Job by Going Out for Breakfast

Here are a few tips on how best to take advantage of the local coffee club as a resource for finding work:

~ Be there before, as well as during, the peak times – usually early. Here, the cafe is normally full before 7:00 am.

~ Plan on a leisurely breakfast, lingering longer than what it takes to just eat. In the case here, it is not until nearly 9:00 that the last of the bunch is dispersing to go about their day’s business.

~ Make it a habit to smile and say hello when you walk in the door. Make eye contact and nod a greeting at someone.

~ Sit so you are on the fringes of the group. This allows you to overhear the conversations without butting in. Remember, this is a group of locals. However, you want to be close enough to not isolate yourself from them.

~ If it is a place where the locals serve themselves coffee, make a point to get up and get another cup and then be sure to offer the others a refill. This not only shows that you are polite, but also can help to break down barriers.

Logically, you could find out about many more work opportunities if you would let it be known you were looking for work. Ask directly. Or, simply discuss with your breakfast partner your desire to find a job -- people will overhear.

If you are looking for work in a small community, check out the hometown cafes where the locals congregate. In addition to a hearty breakfast and a hot cup of coffee, you just might get yourself a job offer.

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