Fifth Wheel As a Traveling Apartment

Paula R.
(Central Florida)

We use our fifth wheel as a traveling apartment. We have a very nice Montana fifth wheel with bunkhouse for our two boys. We also homeschool, so we are pretty portable and flexible. We are part-timers, living in our RV part of the year while my husband works.


My husband travels for his work as a contract software engineer. He takes assignments that last from 3 months to a year at a time. Usually, the job pays expenses so he can fly in and out each week. But occasionally, like with this recession, we must accompany him.

I LOVE living in the RV! It is easy to clean, has all the conveniences, and simplifies life for the time we are on location.

Even when my husband can fly in and out and we are at out "sticks and bricks," he uses the RV as his "traveling apartment". Because it is business use, it is also a tax write off.

We think the RV lifestyle is great and look forward to a day when we can be on the road full-time.

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