FHU, Plus Salary -- Yes, Those Jobs are Available for Working RVers and Campers

FHU, plus salary -- a reader asks if such campground jobs exist or if it is best to work at a non-campground job. Here's an insider tip for campground jobs that pay, plus other site and pay options.

Workers On Wheels website reader Tom writes: I emailed you several months ago regarding Texas gate guarding. Thinking about FT in approx one to two years; we're now almost age 56 and 57 years. With only a small pension when I retire, I've been reading RV forums, and some say just pay the usual CG fee, and work some place in town. Other than gate guarding, Coleen, where free hookups and salary are provided, do other campgrounds or camphost jobs provide F.H.U.'s, plus a salary?

My reply:

Some campgrounds pay an hourly wage and give you a site and utilities at no charge. We try to make note of that when we post their Help Wanted ads on our job listings pages. Insider tip: the word "retired" is usually an indicator that the job does not pay a wage.

Campground owners know that some retirees just wanting something to do to occupy their time. When campground owners have an abundance of people to work many hours a week without wages, you really can't blame them for not offering a salary in addition to a site.

But, there are many, many jobs that do provide an RV site and wages. Look through our Help Wanted ads and you'll see quite a few pay hourly wages or a monthly salary.

Jobs that are not at campgrounds or non-profit agencies are the most apt to pay hourly wages or a salary. Some of them require special skills or training, such as travel nurses. Others are seasonal, where workers are needed for peak demand times and there is a shortage of local workers, such as the jobs working for Amazon in their warehouse during the Christmas rush. Tourist attractions also tend to pay wages, and many have on-site parking or they provide a parking stipend of some kind. One of our readers does store resets and is able to park her motorhome in the store parking lot during the duration of her job there.

RVers who work with site map companies -- you know those maps the campgrounds give you that show the layout of the park and where your site is -- sell the advertising that goes around the map, and they stay free at the parks for the duration of the project. They receive full hook ups for their RV and a commission on sales.

Then there are jobs that require mobility where parking and utilities are provided. A couple industries that quickly come to mind are carnivals and circuses. Don't laugh those off as being for freaks. They both hire numerous skilled and professional workers, from teachers to electricians to promo and marketing folks. They provide that FHU, plus the pay you ask about.

Property caretaking is another area to consider. When the position involves just providing a presence, it may be a work-for-site deal. But oftentimes, the property owner needs part time help and pays an hourly wage for that. It depends on the situation, but could be animal care, building restoration, mechanic work, painting, or other jobs.

Farm and ranch jobs, construction jobs, and security jobs are others where you may receive a FHU, plus salary.Temporary staffing firms are wonderful resources, as they hire short-term workers in numerous well-paying industry -- among them, construction, energy, IT, and health professionals.

And of course, if you have your own RV-home based business, you can stay where you want. This opens the field of no-cost or low cost parking to include free city or county parks, inexpensive state parks, parking with friends, staying at inexpensive campgrounds, an occasional night at Walmart, desert camping, etc.

Vendors, whether self-employed or representing another company, may also get an RV site where they work. Think flea market vendors, fair vendors, people who set up to sell at car races, vendors at motorcycle rallies, vendors at rodeos, etc. A parking site, some with full-hook-ups and some without, are often either free or included in the vendor set-up fee. If you are a manufacturers rep or working for another dealer, your site is likely to be paid for you.

So, you do have lots of options.

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