FAU Camp

- Frank P. Sr.

We have worked two winter seasons as volunteers at the FAU camp in the Everglades. Although the camp is very secluded, it is a great place to be.

You are allowed to set your own schedule and do what ever work you can and like to do to keep the camp looking good.

The bosses are great and the guests are pleasant to meet.

West Palm Beach, Florida.


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FAU Camp - What and How

Okay Frank, you've given us a teaser. Now, please fill us in with what FAU stands for and share the contact information. It would also be great if you could expand a bit more on why you consider the FAU Camp a favorite and what RVers (both guests and workers) can expect to find there.

FAU = Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University runs a youth enviromental camp on the 100,000 acre Corbet Wildlife Management Preserve.

The camp is located in the Everglades, west of West Palm Beach and North of Loxahatchee. To reach the camp requires driving on six miles of dirt road. Hard to believe that Donald Trump lives only 15-20 miles east.

The camp consists of 10 CB cabins, a large rec hall, and full kitchen. In addition, there are four trailers used as class rooms, as well as a double wide occupied by the facility manager.

There are three FHU sites for work campers and one site W&E only. The camp facilities include rest rooms and showers that are at the volunteers disposal.

The workers do grounds maintenance and maintain the rest rooms, showers, and cabins. In the winter, guests come to the camp mostly on weekends.

Workampers are required to work 20 hours per week for site. However some weeks, since we enjoyed the camp and making it an oasis in the jungle, I worked 40-45 hours. It was fun to do with the locals in the area, as well as finding some good, off the trail eating places.

The Camp Could Use 1-2 Workampers

We have been here for the past month and enjoying the scenery, as well as having fun doing the things needed to be done.

We have room for 1-2 couples to help us. If you have some extra time and want to spend it in Florida, contact me at 732 492 0589.

Come and enjoy the warm and help Mother Nature make herself beautiful.

Curious about FAU

How do you apply for the FAU position? How far to the beach area? What is the nearest town?


Serene Location

You can contact the University or the camp just as you would for any other job.

The beach was one half to 3/4 hours away. The nearest shopping was six miles. The road is all dirt and graded twice per month. After heavy rains it is usually filled with craters and ruts.

Your nearest neighbor, other than the work camper couple at the check station is about 2 miles and the first development of houses is 5 miles.

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