Fast Cash: Ten Ways to Get Quick Cash

You need some fast cash! You don't have time to go job hunting, build a business, or save for it. You need get quick cash -- money in hand. Here are 10 ways to get cash quickly. These are not long-term solutions. They are ways to meet an immediate need for cash.

Ten Ways to Get Fast Cash

1. Have a garage sale. Clean out the RV and tow vehicle. Sell some of those things that you no longer use. If you are in an RV park, you might organize a park wide sale, turning it into a fun event for everyone. This is particularly good if the things you have to sell appeal to other RVers.

2. Set-up at a flea market. This is a good option if you are staying at a campground that isn't suited to garage sales. You can quickly get your excess stuff in front of hundreds or thousands of potential buyers.

3. Sell via bulletin board flyers. Make up some posters listing a few of the bigger things you have for sale. Be sure to put your phone number on them. Post these on the bulletin boards at grocery stores, restaurants, Laundromats, the RV park where you are staying, etc.

4. Craigslist. Post items there that you have for sale. Also, look through the Wanted to Buy (WTB) section. Since you are doing this because you need the cash – quick – if you see someone asking for something you have, even if you hadn't plan to sell it, you may change your mind.

5. Day labor. Temporary staffing agencies hire workers for a few hours to a few days. Paperwork is usually minimal.

6. Campground odd jobs. Look around the campground for something that needs to be done, that you can do. I'm not talking about seasonal employment or a work-for-site workamper position. Rather, look for a one-time job that needs doing, that you can arrange to do for pay.

7. Work for a fellow RVer. Have you heard another RVer talk about a job he needs to have done? Can you do it? Let him know.

8. Pawn shops. Perhaps the original advance cash option. If your need for fast cash is to hold you over until a check comes in, this fast cash loan could make sense.

9. Payday loan and cash advance service. If you need cash now, not at the end of the day, you may be able to get cash within minutes. Expect to pay for the convenience of using these cash advance loan places.

10. Credit card cash advance. With a major credit card and an available balance, this may be the fastest way to get cash in hand. The fastest way is probably to use an ATM. However, you may be able to get more at once if you go in to the bank teller, rather than using the machine. Here again, expect there to be fees for the convenience.

A desperate need to raise money quickly is something we all hope we never have. But, for many working RVers, the time comes when you need to get fast cash. Emergencies happen. There's an unplanned expense. A check doesn't arrive on time. Something in the financial picture simply goes wrong. If you need money in hand today or tomorrow, and can't wait until next week, the above options may work for you.

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