Farmer's and Crafter's Market

(Alice B. asks...)

I sell at the local Farmer's and Crafter's Market. I make crafts and was thinking of selling them on the road at various fairs and markets. Does anyone do this? I was wondering about taxes -- do you have to have a state permit in each of the states you sell? Can you follow a specific fair management company, or perhaps something like the FMCA fairs?

My DH and I are thinking of getting on the road again -- the sticks 'n bricks are weighing us down! We have kept our mailbox at Escapees in Livingston, TX so we can change our residency back to TX.

If you do this from your RV, can you use the wear and tear on the RV and toad as deductions?

Thanks for your input.

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Farm and Craft Markets

Hi Alice,

Yes, many working RVers find a farmer's and crafter's market, flea market, festival, or fair at which they sell their wares. When it is time to move on, they find a similar venue in another town -- or state.

Most states charge sales tax and require retailers to collect and remit those taxes. If you sell in any of those states, you most likely are suppose to have a sales tax permit. There may be some exemptions, depending on what you sell and how often you set up.

Some cities, counties, and states require a business license or a transient vendors permit.

Some show organizers want to see the permits before they allow you to set up; others don't. It is possible that an agent from the department of revenue may make the rounds at the farmer's and crafter's market where you are set up, checking to see if you have the necessary permits and licenses.

You may want to develop a particular circuit, with a schedule that takes you from one event to the next. Doing so gives some folks a sense of security. You can follow one club's rallies. Or, as you mentioned, follow a management company's events.

However, you may find that you like the freedom full-time RVing allows and that you don't want to encumber yourself with such a schedule. If you have a farmer's and crafter's market guide, you should be able to find markets without having to be tied to a strict agenda.

If you have a business, you likely have the ordinary business expenses to deduct from your income taxes. If you are full-time RVing, you do lose some deductions, because you aren't traveling away from home if you take your home with you to the events.

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Selling Your Crafts

I am also a Crafter and designer I sell mainly to venues that sell Like items on consignment that way the venue collects the taxes and I can set the length of the consignment to fit my length of stay.

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