Family Work Camping with a Child

(Charlotte asks...)

We will be a family work camping with a child. My husband and I are planning to fulltime in three years. Our daughter will be twelve. Will we be able to find workamping jobs given that we have three living in the RV, not just two? We assume we will be able to maintain hours that allow us maximum time with our child, too.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Yes, you will be able to find plenty of workamping opportunities. Unless it is a park for adults only, or is a 55+ park (where they require everyone to be at least 55 years old), or they otherwise specify age restrictions, having your child with you should be a non-issue.

Don't make it an issue.

When you write your resumes and Work Wanted ads, don't try to get cute and offer your child's services. He/she is not part of your work team. There are very few tasks a child that young can legally be hired to do. There's really no reason to even mention your child when looking for work.

After you have been offered the job and are in the negotiation phase, the fact that you have a third person living in the RV may be relevant. Some campgrounds and RV parks charge an extra fee for a third person. If that is the case, and if you are bartering -- trading some hours of work for an RV site and other benefits (such as utilities) -- then it is a factor. Some campgrounds and RV parks require the same number of hours worked per site, regardless of how many are in the RV, while others vary the number according to the number of people.

If you are required to live on site for the employer's benefit, then having a third person is probably not a factor.

Many campground owners try to schedule couples so that they work the same days and same shifts, so that they can have time off together. If you prefer to stagger your work times so that one or the other of you is home while the other is at work, let your supervisor know that. There's no reason to explain why.

There are actually quite a few families with children that are full-time RVing. You won't be the only family work camping with a child. If you aren't already aware of the Families on the Road group, you may want to visit their website. They have discussion forums, information about schooling on the road, and can put you in touch with many RVing families and resources for RVers who travel with kids.

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