Family Style Full Timing

(David asks...)

Family style full timing.... We've got kids. Um, let's see... home schooling, friends, sports scene, etc. We are a very close family of four.

Just your typical A-typical "big sis is bossy, little brother is a pain, a bit of back talk (not too much), mom/dad, what's for dinner!?!", two early teens and two midlifers kinda normal.

We are either functionally broke or financially dysfunctional (take your pick). My wife is a breast cancer survivor, which seems to have the effect of making me all the more zealous for the open road. We're renters that can't seem to get ahead anymore. Why should we wait for the next "thing" to stop us?

I'm pretty handy, I work as a machinist/maintenance mechanic at a snack food plant.

What's your take?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

If you are handy, and if you want work, there are jobs available for you. Campgrounds are always looking for maintenance and janitorial workers. Temp agencies hire people for as little as a few hours at a time.

One thing to be aware of is that some RV parks do not allow children. (Don't feel bad -- some don't allow people my age, either.) If you are looking at working at campgrounds, that will limit your options some. Not enough to be a problem, though, unless you let it be one. If you plan to work elsewhere, but stay in campgrounds, just be aware that people younger than 55 years aren't welcome in all parks.

Since you mention your job skills, I'm guessing that you are the one working outside the home. If that's the case, when you apply for a job, apply as an individual. Don't apply as a family. There's no reason to mention your family on your resume or job application.

If you want your kids to work with you, start your own business. An RV home based business offers many advantages. Financial rewards are only one of them. Lots of businesses are mobile, from RV detailing to flea market vending to network marketing to character letter writing.

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Workamping with Kids

One idea not mentioned is working at amusement parks. Everything from maintenance to sales to cook is usually available. Shifts for couples can be made to allow for child care. Also, many hire as young as 14, allowing children to get great work experience.

We have met several families in our travels and their children always seem so happy and well adjusted. Maybe because Mom and Dad are less stressed too.

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