Fair Booth Availability

(One of our readers writes...)

If you are interested in applying for space at any county or state fair, will need to contact each event manager. There is a Western Fair Association that does manage most of the events in the western states, including California and surrounding states.

Space is very limited. Many have a contract with many and all events scheduled. My advice would be to make an effort with each fair board and fair to find information that helps you. Good luck.

Coleen, the editor replies:

Thanks for your comments on fair booth availability.

Planning ahead is probably the best way to assure you'll be able to get booth space at the fairs of your choosing. And, once you get in, you may have "grandfather rights" for returning the next year.

Another tip is to find out when the "grandfather rights" of previous year's vendors expire. If they haven't reserved their space by the specified date, those spaces open to vendors on the waiting list or others.

You can also find booth space available for trade shows, fairs, craft shows, festivals, and other events at the last minute. Event planners are happy to fill the spaces caused by cancellations. Also, when there is a great response, they sometimes add booth space. This last minute route works well for us, because we don't like to plan very far ahead.

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