Expense Reimbursement

- Mike Morris

If I use my personal RV on a overnight stay, what is a fair price to charge the company I work for, which would normally be responsible for my hotel or motel expenses?

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Hotel / Motel Rates

It would depend on the rates of hotels or motels in the area where you are working. The time of year would also be a factor, because hotel/motel rates fluctuate with the seasons.

To find the going rates, Google a few motels in the area and see what they charge. Or, you might call the Chamber of Commerce in the area and ask them.

The policy at some companies is to pay actual expenses. If that's the case, then the amount would be the campground site cost. What motels or hotels are charging would be irrelevant.

Whatever It Costs, pPus

You should be reimbursed your actual cost for your site, plus a little extra for wear and tear of your RV.

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