Events Coordinator, Landscaper and Groundskeeper

- lil from Kentucky

My dream job is to be an events coordinator, landscaper, and groundskeeper, to plan events at a campground for the campers and their children. I would love for people to want to come to my campground because of the special events that are presented.

I would love to plan special monthly events such as Halloween decorating, Fourth of July decorating and games, pool parties, etc.

I would love to decorate, landscape, and maintain flowers and landscaping at a campground. I would want to make it attractive and welcoming to campers.

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Campground Activities Director

Hi Lil,

Sounds to me like your dream job is a good match to being a campground activities director. Campgrounds that cater to families with young children look for people to plan activities for the young and young at heart. Destination resorts and RV parks that cater to adults also have activity programs. Some go all out in putting up holiday decorations.

If you don't have much experience coordinating activities and planning events for a large group, you might get started by working as an assistant in the activities program.

Your interest in doing flowerbeds and landscaping, also, may make a good "sell" to campground owners. They may not think of the flowerbeds as part of the activity coordinator's position. But I can see where they would appreciate someone who wants to do your preferred mix of duties.

Here's wishing you the best in finding that dream job!


You May Have a Bright Future


You should start now by volunteering your services to RV resorts in the sunbelt states. That is where the biggest and most active programs are, during the fall thru early spring months.

Doing that will get you the experience you need to go further. If you get good at it, you may even get a free site with hookups, and eventually even get paid for doing it.

Start today contacting resorts, buy a reservation for this season, and tell them what you want to do. They would love to have you on board.

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