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Employment Opportunities Diverse Enough for Every RV Worker Looking for a Job

Employment opportunities for RVers are as varied as RVers themselves. Most of the jobs are in retail, service, agriculture, construction, and high-tech fields. A few working campers work in campgrounds and RV parks.

Employment Opportunities for RVers

Below you'll find links leading to articles about all sorts of jobs, as well as to articles about finding employment opportunities.

Very Short Term Jobs that Pay - When You Want to Move Frequently Very short term jobs -- those lasting a few hours to a few weeks -- appeal to many working RVers. They are more plentiful than you may think. Here are some of the options for temporary positions.

Take Your Lunch and Your Gloves, and Do a Little Extra Picking up rocks on my own initiative was why he kept me for a second day, even though he originally hadn’t planned on it. I learned that later on, along with a few other things about why I was kept on for one of the best jobs I've had while full-time RVing.

Bait Shrimping with Captain Eddie Shrimp boats line the channel behind our motorhome. We are at an RV park in Port Isabel, in southern Texas. The banter of the shrimping crews, much of it in Spanish, wakes us most mornings. If that doesn't, the starting of the boat engines does. I watch. I wonder what it is like to work on one of those boats.

Casual Longshoreman: Loading and Unloading Cruise Ship Luggage As a casual longshoreman, I loaded and unloaded luggage from cruise ships in Alaska. It was seasonal work, working through the Alaska International Longshore Warehouse Union (ILWU) Seward.

Casino Work: Casino Employees in the Spotlight and Behind the Scenes Casino work! You've heard about free overnight parking at casinos. You've maybe stopped to try your luck. But, have you thought about working at one? Casinos can be a great place to work while RVing.

Very Short Term Positions Let RVers Enjoy the Advantages of Being Highly Mobile Very short term positions -- a few hours, days, or weeks -- can get you a free RV site and work camper perks, provide barter opportunities, and even pay cash. They are ideal for RVers who want to be very mobile. Here are ideas for work that requires you to stay in one location only temporary. Most of them aren't advertised.

Use the Local Newspaper to Find Who is Hiring and for What Positions The local newspaper is still an excellent place for job information. The paper I picked up this morning has an article about a new resort opening this summer. That follows an article on tourism jobs.

Fishing Jobs in Alaska I've heard fishing jobs in Alaska are plentiful and that all I have to do to get one is show up there. Is that true? One of our working RVer readers asks about working in the fish industry in AK.

Mission Builders of the ELCA Mission Builders of the ELCA has paid employment and short-term (as little as one week) volunteer opportunities for Workers On Wheels RVers. The mission builds are Christian opportunities to serve.

Becoming a Private Investigator (PI) Isn't as Far Fetched as You Might Think Not all private investigator jobs are high drama TV. More practical PI work may be looking for missing persons, doing background investigations, or researching for insurance companies.

A Public Relations Expert Informs, Influences, and Persuades As a public relations expert, you might work for one of the top 10 PR agencies. Or, you might work as a consultant manager, do marketing jobs, or freelance with your own publicity business.

Psychics Are in Demand and You May Already Have What it Takes to Be One Psychics always have job opportunities. Work as a tarot card reader or fortune teller. Don't dismiss this as being for only the supernatural with obscure clairvoyant, metaphysical powers.

Agricultural Jobs for Campers and RVers: Jobs Involving Plants and Animals Agricultural jobs are more than farm hands and ranch work. It's working rodeos, Christmas tree lots, and teaching ag science. Raising livestock and producing crops, yes. But, also agribusiness from seed development to marketing. Anything, really, that involves plants and animals.

10 Steps to a Motivational Speaker Job Motivational speaker.... From the storyteller around the campfire to great spiritual and political leaders, speakers have motivated people throughout history.

Property Caretaking Jobs... Live Rent Free As a Property Caretaker Live rent free doing property caretaking, house sitting, pet sitting, or work camping while providing security and care for the owners. Some positions also pay a wage.

Campground Work Goes Beyond Volunteer Workamping -- It Includes Paid Jobs Campground work is the choice for many RVers. Retired full-timers enjoy the benefits of volunteer workamper positions. Working RVers needing to earn a living find RV park or camp jobs that pay wages.

Lodge Jobs Can Keep Many Working RVers Busy with Varied Seasonal Positions Lodge jobs encompass many of the same types of positions as those at campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts, but are likely to include motel, entertainment, and food and beverage service jobs, as well.

Good Employees Share These Classic Traits Good employees are hard to come by, regardless of the economy. Learn to be one, and there's a good likelihood that you'll never have trouble finding a job. What do employers want in their workers?

Dress for the Job You Want: First Impressions Are Still a Fact of Employment Dress for the job. If you want the job you're applying for, dress appropriately when you go for the interview. Suit and tie? Not necessarily. Choose something just a tad nicer than you'd wear to work.

Holiday Jobs: Seasonal Work Now Until Christmas -- Real Jobs For Real RVers Holiday jobs … real, seasonal, moneymaking work that you can pick up in November that lasts for the next six weeks, until Christmas, that can get you through the holidays and into the new year.

FHU, Plus Salary -- Yes, Those Jobs are Available for Working RVers and Campers FHU, plus salary -- a reader asks if such campground jobs exist or if it is best to work at a non-campground job. Here's an insider tip for campground jobs that pay, plus other site and pay options.

Celebrity Personal Assistant: Work with the Stars Did being a Celebrity Personal Assistant come up on your list of possible job options for working while RVing? If you like planning and organizing -- and hobnobbing with the stars -- maybe it should.

Do You Love Your Job? Take This Quiz to See If There's a Better Career for You Love your job? Or, not so much? Fifteen "True" or "False" statements reveal whether you were meant to be together or whether you deserve better and should run from the relationship.

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