Employers Requiring Photos

- Ann

What about the people that are now requiring a photo of you, your rig, and animals? Isn't there something wrong with hiring according to a person's physical appearance? I am not talking about clothing, but your physical beauty or lack of, causing you not to be hired.

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Picture of Recreational Vehicle

They may want a photo of your recreational vehicle to see that it isn't an eyesore. Some RVers take great pride in their rigs and keep them great looking. Others, don't. I've seen some real doozies.

You can't blame a campground, or other business, for not wanting some RVs on the premises. I've seen some that had stuff piled on top, stuff hanging off the front and the back and over the sides. They were in horrible shape and looked to be a safety hazard. To say they were an eyesore would be putting it kindly.

As for photos of the workers.... Well, it may be illegal to discriminate against a person on the basis of looks. But, the reality of it is that there's a lot such discrimination going on. I've read that studies consistently show that heavy people face much job discrimination, are less apt to be hired and more apt to be paid less than thinner workers. A picture may also show an employer what they cannot ask -- such as age or race.

You get to choose. You may supply prospective employers with a photo of your recreational vehicle, of yourself, both, or neither.

If you believe it is wrong for them to ask for photos, my guess is that you have different value systems and that you probably wouldn't be happy working for them.

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