Employers Don't Reply

- Raymond

I emailed a resort about a job and haven't had any response. Can you find out why?

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When Employers Don't Respond

When you don't get a reply it usually means one of three things:

1. They didn't get your email. You might try calling or contacting them again.

2. They have been busy and haven't gotten to it. You might try a polite follow-up to let them know you are still interested.

3. They've selected someone else. Employers normally do not respond to applicants they are not hiring. You might contact them to see if the position is filled.

Five Reasons You Don't Hear Back

I was a bit hasty to respond and forgot two very important reasons you may not hear back from an employer -- or anyone else you contact. So here's reasons #4 and #5.

4. You didn't include your contact information or you made a mistake on it. It is a simple goof that happens frequently. Again, a polite follow-up may be all that is needed. And, double check your email address, phone number, mailing address, or whatever info you give them to reach you.

5. They responded, but you didn't receive the reply. Here, again, a polite follow-up may help. If your email provider is filtering out their messages you may never receive them, so in your follow-up offer an alternative means of contact.

No Reply?

I have found there are a variety of reasons why employers do not reply. Here are a few:

- The recruiter or Manager is on vacation.
- The position has been filled.
- You do not have the right qualifications.
- Your RV is too old or too small or too big.
- They don't take large pets or pets at all.
- Your resume needs updating or reworking.

Don't give up.

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