Editing Resume

- Chuck and Jeanne Fingerman
(Dover, Fl)

I've added my resume. How can I edit it? Do I need to submit another one or can I edit the original?

Comments for Editing Resume

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Resume Changes and Updates

If you want to add updates or additional info to your resume, use the Comment features. It is there for you to make adding more information easy. It is especially good if you want to add information about your current position or one you recently finished. It is also the way to let employers know that you have a position now, but that you expect to be available again around a certain date.

If you've made a simple error or want to have a typo corrected, you may email me. Let me know what you want changed and I can do that for you.

If you want to make major changes, go ahead and submit a new resume. Then, let me know and I can delete the original one for you.

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