Editing Ads and Resumes

- Dennis Manz
(Fort Wayne, Indiana USA)


I have an old ad posted from two caretaker jobs ago in February ads for work wanted. How do I either edit that ad to get current, since I am still looking for a caretaker job, or how do I delete?

Do I have to re-post every time my address and/or profile changes or what is it that I have to do to keep all contact information current.

It seems that it would be easier to just edit current profile and contact information and re-insert for applicable month?

Thank you,

Dennis Manz

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Changing Ads and Resumes

Hi Dennis,

On resumes, you can use the Comment button to add updated contact information, to add information about a recent job, or to make other updates.

If you find a typo or minor error, it is fine to just email me and I can do a quick edit for you.

If you need major changes made, it is probably best to submit a new resume.

As for the ads on the Work Wanted pages, to have an ad deleted, just email me and let me know. It does help if you know what month the ad was placed. Then, submit your new ad and it will go in the current month.

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