Earn a Living While RVing?

- Chuck Andres
(Floral City, FL)

Can I Earn A Living While RVing?

Can I Earn A Living While RVing?

I'm getting tired of my 33 year job. I want to see if it is possible for my wife and me and to see the country in our 40 ft 5th wheel and make a living along the way. Is it possible? I don't mind work and I am 59 years old. Thanks, Chuck

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Yes, You Can Earn a Living While RVing

Hi Chuck,

First off, thanks for including your photo! Now folks know there are real people asking these questions.

Yes. It is not only possible to earn a living while full-time RVing, it is practical to do it.

That was simple to answer. Your next question is probably, How?

Well, that depends on what you can do, want to do, and are willing to do. Depending on what type of work you've been doing for the last 33 years, you may be able to continue doing something similar, only at short-term jobs across the country. If you want something completely different, that's a do-able option, too.

One strategy is to make a list of what you can do. Make another list of what you'd like to do. Then, cross-reference them to see what overlaps.

Temp staffing agencies are great for people who want to move frequently. Register at one and you can transfer with them to any area that has a branch office.

Another option is an RV home based business that you can do from anywhere.

If you are willing to stay somewhere several months, that opens a lot of possibilities. A common pattern among RVers is to work a seasonal job that lasts for a few months and travel more frequently during the rest of the year. Or, to work a summer job one place and a winter job another place, and do the traveling and sight-seeing during spring and fall.

One thing to keep in mind: Most RVers who are earning a living are not working in campgrounds (RV parks, resorts). Campgrounds are one source of jobs for RVers, not the only source.

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