Dress for the Job You Want: First Impressions Are Still a Fact of Employment

Dress for the job. If you want the job you're applying for, dress appropriately when you go for the interview. Suit and tie? Not necessarily. Choose something just a tad nicer than you'd wear to work.

Dress for Job - Clothes Do Matter

Bob has a true story about why he was hired as a heavy equipment operator fresh out of tech school. He credits his red shirt! He went to inquire about a job, wearing a red chamois shirt, black leather vest, and clean jeans. A few days later the secretary called him to come to work. She remembered him because of what he was wearing.

Seems she wasn't overly impressed by the fact that besides his heavy equipment training, he had also completed a welding program and an over-the-road truck driving program. Or, that he had a solid work record while going to school. Or, decent references. What got her attention -- and him the job -- was how he was dressed.

Dressed for the Job - Country MusciansTalk about Dressed for the Job - Any Guess What Kind of Music these Flying T Wranglers Play?

At a child development center, I interviewed applicants for preschool teachers and childcare givers. One applicant had a stellar resume with a college degree in early childhood education. When I asked questions about theory, she knew the correct book-learned answers. But when I looked at her inch long, highly decorated fingernails, I wondered how she would do playing catch or working at the sand table. I also wondered how in the world, wearing a dress so tight, she could possibly sit on the floor during story time or bend over to pick up a child.

Maybe she planned to dress for the job in a style that would allow her to do the job. I'll never know because she didn't make the final cut. I was choosing staff based on the package in front of me the day of the interview. That included what I saw on the resumes. What I heard the applicants say. And, how they presented themselves. What applicants wore needed to fit them, to allow for movement and not be obscene. They needed to show me that they understood what was appropriate for working with young children.

What you wear says a lot about you. So does how you put yourself together. Bathe. Use deodorant. Brush your teeth. Comb your hair. Skip excessive fragrances. Limit jewelry to what you could safely and appropriately wear while on duty.

Make a good first impression. Let your work personality come through. Dress for success, according to the industry you are applying for, whether it is tourism, construction, service, or a professional position. Working RVers, dress for the job you want to land.

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