Donna Glenn

- Part time
(Maxine is a conversion van)

Hello! My name is Donna Glenn and I'm super excited about becoming a campground host/manager/chief cook and bottle washer. I love people and it shows. During my years as a casino host, I honed all of my customer service/negotiating skills and I am very proud of how well I am able to tame even the most savage of "beasts". It is amazing how "challenging" a person can become when you give them all the alcohol they can drink and then give them a way to be separated from their money. During my time with the casino(s), I also held positions in a 606 room casino hotel as one of the assistant managers as well as in rooms control. I understand the yielding process and enjoyed the whole fast-paced "gambling" atmosphere of changing rates based on availability and demand. I have been in and out of the handyman business over the years as well as my dad owned a handyman business during most of my life. That has made me rather, well, "handy". I am able to branch out in that arena as well and enjoy working with guests, fellow co-workers and managemnet to get the job done whatever it may be. My son is in college and I recently lost my other half, my sweet old hound dog, Buddy Buddy Stinker Dog. The heart breat has been much more than I anticipated, but I'm seeing some light at the end

of the tunnel. Buddy was 17 years old. He was a rescue who, as a lot of times becomes the case, rescued us. Should we all have a human in our lives who treats us with sthe grace and love that we receive from our pets. No?

Anywho, my resume is below. I'm not married to the idea of any particular position or even location although I would love to be a little warmer this winter than Colorado will allow, but I'm flexible. As I wrote, I love people and that feeling is usually reciprocated. I love managing others and helping them to achieve awesomeness as well, so I'm totally up for that or a caretaker position would work as well. Just put me where you think I will be of most help and I will rock that out until you, me or the powers that be decide that we are ready to move me to a different spot (location or career-wise) and we will see where things go from there. Like I said, I am flexible. Spending time with my boy is very important to me. Good thing for all of us, he has learned from the master, so guess what... He is flexible too. We are like the cast of Cirque de Soleil only we are both taller and significantly bigger boned. = )

I hope to hear from you soon.

Donna Glenn
Loveland, CO 80538

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