Dog Travel Guide Can Help You Find Pet Friendly Beaches, Parks, and Campgrounds

The dog travel guide, Campground and Park Dog Travel Guide, can help you plan your RVing vacation. More importantly for working RVers, it can help you decide where to look for your next job.

Campground and Park Dog Travel Guide

I know what it's like to travel with pets (we usually have a dog and two cats in our family). When I'm looking for a campground, I couldn't really care if they have a pool or if the shower house has tiled floors. However, whether or not they allow pets -- multiple pets -- is the deal breaker.

The listings, and there are close to 600 pages of them, give you the pet information you need to know. It answers questions such as these about each accommodation's pet policies:

•    How many dogs do they allow at a campsite?
•    Do they allow pets at all sites, including tents and camping cabins?

•    Are there breed restrictions?

•    Are there size restrictions?

•    Is there an off leash area?

•    Is there a place to walk your dog on or near the park?

•    Are dogs allowed on the trails or in other areas of the park?

•    Do they have other amenities for pets?

•    What (if any) additional fees are there for having pets?

This dog travel guide isn't limited to just listing campgrounds and RV parks that are pet friendly. It includes a day use park guide and a guide to dog friendly beaches. There's also an off-leash dog park guide section. Each section is listed alphabetically, by state.

The folks who put this dog travel guide together put the best part of it at the end of the book. There, you will find the section titled, "Dog-Friendly Highway Campground Guide." They follow Interstate Highways from town to town, through one state and then the next, just as you would drive them. These listings are brief and organized so they are quick to scan.

The listings cover the United States and Canada.

Campground and Park Dog Travel Guide is put together by Tara and Len Kain. The authors work while traveling with their dog. They understand the importance of campgrounds and parks welcoming family pets.

You travel with a dog. This guide book helps you find campgrounds, along with pet friendly beaches, parks, and day-use areas that welcome you. Use it while vacationing or work camping with pets.

You can find Campground and Park Dog Travel Guide on They also have other guides to help you find pet friendly hotels motels; outdoor cafes and restaurants that allow dogs, and a host of other businesses that welcome people traveling with pets.

I reviewed the paperback 2nd Edition, which was published in 2009, by Inc. The ISBN is 0979555116. Campground and Park Dog Travel Guide is now also available on Kindle.

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