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Any dog sitting or dog walking jobs available in campgrounds or RV parks? My husband and I are considering the full time RV life. I would like to do this in exchange for free parking or wages.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Yes, RVers need dog sitters, and perhaps more so, dog walkers. There are opportunities to do pet care in RV parks and campgrounds. You might be able to arrange it with the campground owner, where you would be able to trade it for a camp site. Or, you might find other RVers willing to hire you.

There are two situations where pet sitters are in the most demand.

One is when the campground is the base for RVers doing a lot of sightseeing in the area. I know for us there have been times when we went on a four- hour day cruise instead of the eight-hour one because we didn't want to leave our dog home alone or in a vehicle all day. Sometimes it is the length of time the pet would be alone. Sometimes it is because of weather.

The other is when many of the residents of the park have jobs. One of the concerns I hear from RVers thinking about working for is how they will handle dog walks if they are at work all day. Many RV parks are home to travel nurses, construction workers, oil field crews, and other folks who leave the park for shift work.

Some parks advertise that they are pet friendly. Those might be the ones to check with first to see if they could use a dog walker or pet sitter.

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Pet Sitting

I own a pet sitting company near Phoenix, AZ, and we do sitting for a lot of "winter visitors" coming down for Nascar, ballgames, etc., in their RV's.

I'm also an RV'er, and our motorhome group has been accused of being a dog club because we all travel with multiple dogs and cats. Someone usually stays behind to watch/walk the dogs. Having a dedicated pet sitter available is a great idea.

Look into getting licensed and bonded/insured through a company like Pet Sitters International. Also, get your pet first aid training. This helps assure your potential clients that you are serious about taking care of their pets, as you've taken the extra steps to be professional.

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