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6 Pound Cricket - She's the Boss Dog

6 Pound Cricket - She's the Boss Dog

How would I go about finding campgrounds who would be interested in booking a dog act with my three poodles, either for a price or campsite trade? They have all been in local theater productions and do numerous tricks.


Whenever I go to a campground, I always look for and attend events that have been brought in to entertain the campers. I plan on fulltiming when my current job ends (owner is retiring) next year.

I have three young chocolate colored poodles, two under ten pounds and a 60 pound standard poodle. I'm currently working on a dog act to do with them. All are totally reliable with both children and adults.

What other concerns should I have?

Coleen, the editor replies:

When you have your dog act put together, do some volunteer runs with it. Offer to put on your program at nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and local groups in your area. That will give you and your doggie actors experience. The feedback you receive -- both in making your offer and after having done the show -- will help you fine tune things. Those who enjoy your volunteer gigs will give you praise and recommendations that you can then use in your proposal to campgrounds.

One concern is that not all campgrounds allow dogs, especially multiple dogs. They may make exceptions for those that are performing.

We stayed at one campground where someone's pet dog participated in "Camper Talent" night. The dog supposedly sang, though I personally thought it was dreadful howling and annoying yipping -- and I am a dog lover. So, another concern is that the show actually be entertaining to a general audience and not just something that you, as the loving dog owner, find cute.

Put together a fun, entertaining dog act and you may have a unique event to offer campgrounds. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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