Do RV Parks Pay Cash?

- Anonymous

I would like to know if some RV parks and campgrounds will pay some cash money, so I don`t mess up my SSI. Do you know? Some of the fellow RVers say they do, but I can't find them. Thanks.

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Under The Table Cash Payments

Looking at the title of your post, I at first thought you were asking if you could get an hourly wage working at an RV park or campground. You know, so that in addition to the RV parking site, utilities, use of facilities, and whatever other perks you'd get, you'd also have money to pay for insurance, buy gas and groceries, the things we all need money for. My answer to that was going to be, "Yes," and then point you to the monthly job listings pages where you could see examples of what some parks are offering.

However... it seems what you are really asking is if there are RV park/campground owners who will pay you unreported income "under the table" so you can continue to collect Supplemental Security Income (SSI) while you are employed. That, I don't know.

Work Under the Table?

If you would leave your name and address, sure that someone will get back to you.

Pay Under the Table

While I'm sure this does happen frequently, I would suspect that some people might be annoyed that someone who is drawing a check paid by taxes would ask about avoiding the payment of same.

Under the Table

You ask someone to help you break the law before the millions on the internet? I know nothing.

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