Disappearing Working Campers

(a campground owner writes...)

As an employer, I would like to see more info on how RV parks can protect themselves from that 1% of work campers who are less than honest/courteous.

We hired a couple who on their two days off went off site, which is ok, but they never returned and only emailed a "sorry we got called away" hours before they were to be on duty. They have keys, uniforms, etc., which they said they would return but have not.

How do we as employers let other employers know there are rotten apples such as these out there?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Thank you for recognizing that the disappearing work camper act is not the norm. Unfortunately, there are bad apples in every group.

Not returning to work when scheduled is one thing. It's rude. It gives working RVers a bad name. It makes it more difficult for the next RVers who want jobs at your campground. But, if they were employees at will, it was probably their choice to make.

Taking things that don't belong to them is another story altogether. Have you filed a police report?

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Check the Referances

One percent is almost zero, but when it happens to you its big!

One option that you have is to check previous references before hiring your candidate.

When a workamper leaves for a weekend with their RV, that is suspicious. Many workampers leave for extended periods of local exploring but usually leave their RV's on site.

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