Diesel Mechanic

- A Workers On Wheels reader asks....

Would I be able to support myself doing diesel repair, or would it be better to stay at a diesel shop?

I grew up going on family vacations. As a kid, I loved it. As an adult, I miss it as well as long for it.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

There are certainly ways for you to work as a diesel mechanic while RVing.

One that immediately comes to mind is seasonal shop work. I guess that would actually be combining the two things you ask about, not choosing one or the other.

RVers are always needing mechanic work done on their rigs. Some RV parks allow work to be done on site and others don't. That may work for smaller things, but probably isn't feasible if you need need shop space. Maybe this would work for maintenance type things?

How about working at a seasonal tourist attraction? Or traveling with the circus or carnival and working on their diesel equipment? What about major construction sites, mines, road building, and damn building? Seasonal fishing industries are another idea to consider.

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