Desired RV Worker Benefits Survey Shows Sewer Hook-up More Important than Wages

The most desired RV work benefits are an RV site with electric and sewer hook-ups. That's according to our survey results. Many thought a FHU RV site should be a given. Read more comments.

The third question asked you to tell us about any desired RV worker benefits that we didn't list. Here are some of your responses:

• Welcome single employees
• Fairness in work
• Friendly bosses that understand that you need a day off each week
• Small gift certificate at the end of the season as a thank you gift
• Large, clean, level site
• Make accommodations for the handicapped worker that enable them to do the job right

• Reasonable people to work with
• Owner honesty
• My own hours
• Friendly and outgoing managers
• A little pay along with a full hookup site
• Ability to do as much as my skills allow

• Availability of a shop
• Owner and management support
• Quiet
• Casino on site or nearby
• Choice of adjustable hours
• Cell phone service is our deal breaker

• Nice bathrooms
• In an area close to attractions
• Friendly co-workers
• Bosses with give and take and respect for life
• An opportunity to learn more skills in order to improve our employability
• Access to outdoor activities - hiking trails, fly fishing, sights to see in the area (e.g. condor sanctuary, hot springs, unique geology formations, etc.)

• Boat docks
• Musical entertainment
• Things to do in and out of the park
• Getting paid "under the table"
• Ability to remain year around if employment works for both parties
• That the camp sites offer church services on Sunday for all campers including the RV workers. Many Christian campers would appreciate this very much.

Along with asking you to choose your desired RV worker benefits, we asked for your comments. Here's what you told us about employee benefits:

• I am new to workcamping. I have been working in a park for about a month and I love it. I am the only one there in the office so I pretty much run the park. I have become very familiar with Campground Master and am very good with making reservations and data entering such as taking payments. I am looking forward to learning much more. I am also in charge of the maintainance people and have a great crew.

• Of course, full hookups, but the friendliness is most important. If you have that, you can deal with the rest.

• I would need "easy" work since I am on O2 24/7...therefore, office/store work. To me, that's considered easy work.

• FHU should be a given. Then pick the top three items.

• We only respond to ads where pets are welcome, 3 days or less per week per couple, TV and internet are provided, and location is in an area we want to visit.

• It is difficult to only choose three benefits. Recognition, fun activities, comradeship -- all are part and parcel of work camping.

• Number of hours for FHU and amount of wages are also very important.

• I really should put children as I have a 15 year old.

• RV site parking must include FHU.

• I also volunteer at state parks.

• I would like to be able to move every 2-3 weeks and see more of this great country.

• We want the big 3: W/E/S, but the cell phone service is the deal breaker.

• An historical area, maybe assist with tours in an historic setting, assist with group acitivies, feel like I am being helpful.

• Flexibility and freedom to get the job done in our time frame. Sometimes we like to work mornings and sometimes afternoons and sometimes neither and sometimes both.

• RV parking site and electrical hook-up are very similar.

• We don't care what days of the week we are off but we do want to spend them together.

• I would assume that a RV spot would include 30/50 amp, water and septic. For these 3 things, I would only consider 16 to 20 hours/week and that would be on the low side.

• We always want full hook-ups. 3 months of going to a dump station is not our idea of a good time.

• Both my husband Larry and I are out going and love people. We love to learn new things and be of assistance in anyway we can. We have had very good comments on our work.

• Should have full site with water, sewer and electric hookups.

• Better listing would have put: FHU - w/s/e FHU - w/e

• Wages and hours should be in accordance with site value or extra wages paid for time worked.

• Internet, wifi, elec, and sewer and water, of course.

To participate in the survey or see the full rankings of the desired RV worker benefits, click here.

Go to the page that lists all of the polls.

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